We like to introduce Hyas Natural Mineral Water. Hyas meaning of the rain from the Ancient Greek springs from the pure mountains of Ancient Corinthia,Greece. Hyas is crystal clear, light to the taste as it springs at an altitude of 700m filtered from the granite mountainous region of Corinthia. Bottled at the source under strict certified hygienic process. Hyas remains untouched and pure for your pleasure.
Natural Mineral Water must come from a single, recognized source and must be bottled locally.
Unlike Bottled, Purified and Tap water, Natural Mineral Water is kept free of harmful chemicals such as Chloride or preservatives and is completely Natural by Law.
Hyas has higher levels of Magnesium and Calcium but at the same time Very low in Sodium and only natural traces of Chloride giving Hyas that unique soft and chemical free taste.
We are proud to have qualified for the strict certificate of the Emirates Quality Mark, giving us the opportunity to expand to the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman with a strong distribution 





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